February 12

The Difference Between Success & Fulfillment


Here’s my take on the difference between success and fulfillment – and why I choose fulfillment. 


It’s still early in the year. You’re in hustle mode. You’re working long hours, which turn into longer days, without giving yourself enough time to stop and ask why. 

So I’m here to ask you some real questions. Let your intuition guide you, and answer quickly:  

  • Are you happy with the hustle? Is it making you happy?
  • Or are you just chasing the win? 
  • What’s your win? A certain dollar amount? A number of clients? A degree of fame? 
  • Are you fixated on success, when what you really should focus on is … fulfillment? 

The Difference Between Success & Fulfillment

What’s Fulfillment? 

The other day, I had this epiphany. 

I woke up and realized I wasn’t exhausted. 

After decades of motherhood, business ownership and side hustles, that is a miracle

And it’s not because I slowed down or scaled back. If anything, I’m gearing up. 

But here’s the thing: I actually feel invigorated. I wake up every day, and I jump out of bed. I can’t wait to get up and do what I feel called to do. After a few weeks of that momentum, I realized something. 

There’s a distinct difference between being successful and being fulfilled

Do you wake up brimming with ideas and the excitement you need to execute them? Do you go to bed thinking about the things you have to do with purpose or exhaustion

That’s the difference. Success is an achievement – but fulfillment is a feeling

And I truly feel fulfilled in my life. 

The Foundation of Fulfillment 

I didn’t arrive here by accident. One of the most important things I did to get here was intentionally create an environment that helped me thrive.  

I needed to build my inner resources and make my outer world more conducive to my healing journey. So I designed my inner and outer life to look that way. 

Here are a few ways I create a healthy foundation for a fulfilling life: 

  • I pay attention to the quality of my relationships, and I set boundaries when I need to. 
  • I take time for self-care. The real kind
  • I take daily action to prioritize my body and mind. Every day, I clear my thoughts, and I move my body. 
  • I spend time intentionally connecting with what my intuition and soul are telling me.
  • I spend more time deepening my relationships with my children. 
  • I create relationships of joy, even when it’s hard as hell

Choosing Fulfillment 

Another pivotal piece of the puzzle, for me, was making the conscious choice to re-imagine and redesign a brighter future. And I am asking you to make it. 


You absolutely have the inner resources to create a life of peace, emotional wholeness and spiritual freedom. You don’t have to be held hostage by the pain of your past. You deserve a future with joy, excitement and fulfillment. 

Success can come and go. But I wouldn’t trade fulfillment for success. 

Today, I’m blessed to be living in both. 

The Bottom Line

It’s no small thing to have created this level of joy. I have lived in the most earth-shattering pain and agony for years. I’m not going to sugar-coat it. But I’ve also made the choice to feel better every single day I possibly can for 20 years. 

And I’ve found it – a place of true fulfillment. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. There isn’t a pile of money big enough. 

So I’m asking you: Are you chasing success or fulfillment?



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