December 30

My Divine Calling ✨


I found my divine calling, and I’m about to shake things up a little bit. 

Back in October, I shared my commitment to give up my GOOD to find my GREAT. Well, today I know what that looks like with clarity and certainty – and I am filled with joy to be able to share it with you.

I’m practicing what I preach and stepping into what I feel will be the greatest expression of my experiences, skills and contributions. 

I’m so grateful for all the blessings that have come through my work in media and content creation. I’ve had so many meaningful conversations and experiences. I’ve grown in ways I never would have expected without this incredible journey. 

Now I plan to step deeper into my passion, which is to serve from a place where I’m making the impact I’m uniquely designed to make in this world.  

Stepping Into My Great 

What that looks like for me personally is not walking away from what I built but shifting my creative energy to focus on my most passionate work: helping mothers heal after the loss of a child. 

I’ve been dancing around this idea for a long time, ever since I began healing from the loss of my son. But it’s time. 

I’m embarking on a journey to compile the experiences, lessons, tools and activities that helped me heal from the deepest sadness of my life. Whether that looks like a book, a course or something else, it feels like I’m finally moving from a place where I’m proficient to a place where I’m absolutely passionate. 

Now, I’m not claiming to be a therapist or a grief counselor or a psychologist. I am, however, a credible witness to the pain of losing a child – and I’m a lifelong transformational learner. I’ll be speaking as the authority on my story, and how my journey has allowed me to shift from pain to joy and emotional freedom. 

I am no longer limited by my loss, and I want to share that journey with the person who is struggling with it today. 

My Divine Calling 

My whole life has been preparing me for this moment, this conversation, so that I can make a true impact with the life I’ve been given. 

So, today, I choose to make this pivot – to step into what I believe is my greatness.

God gave me this life experience, and I’m stepping forward from that place into my divine calling. My life up to this point was not by chance – it was by design. 

Today, I’m ready to take the next step and create a community where hope, healing and wholeness can be found, even after the loss of a child.

Share With Us!

Have you found your divine calling? How are you working toward it today? 

Share with us! We would love to know!

Your story is so important.

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