November 2

Are You Offering Your Opinion Or Your Example?


If you’re ready to create meaningful change, it might be time to ask yourself if you’re offering your opinion or your example.

How do things change?

It’s not by professing our opinions or proclaiming our viewpoints.

True change requires no discussion – but action. It’s about becoming what we want to attract by taking action.

There is so much more to be accomplished through the consistency of our actions, which have far greater impact than anything we can say in one moment.

If you want to see true change, it’s time to ask yourself: Are you offering your opinion or your example?

Shifting From Opinion To Example

I recently spent some time reflecting on whether I’m doing more time speaking about things – or if I’m actually stepping into the change I want to see. Here are a few things I learned.

In order to live a life that’s in alignment with the change I hope to make, first I must be willing to make those internal changes before expecting others to do the same. I need to start stepping into my environment with the intention to become the difference I want to make. Rather than expecting others to provide peace, happiness or fulfillment for me, I have to take action to create that feeling for myself.

Think about those friends or acquaintances who talk about what they want but don’t stay committed to the behavioral practices that will get them there. Meanwhile, we know there’s no Prince Charming. There is no magic pill. And if we spend more talking about the change that WILL come, we’ll never reach the point where the change has HAPPENED.

We can’t solve our problems or make it better unless we’re willing to engage in the process of changing the circumstances ourselves. In my experience, the things I’m willing to work on and change about myself, my mindset or my expectations have done far more than any amount of talking, complaining or finger-pointing.

Easy Ways To Take Authentic Action

Are you ready to shift from offering your opinion to your example? Once you’ve considered this new mindset, these tangible tools will help you put that mental shift into action.

1. Self-reflection

It starts by having that internal conversation. You have to be willing to acknowledge the areas where you’re stuck. What are the things you said you’d do a million times but have never prioritized? Which of those things do you actually want, and which ones have you never wanted? Let go of the things you’re not truly committed to – while you create space to take the actions that matter to you most.

2. Identification

Now you may have identified a few different areas of your life or business where you feel stuck. You know you’ve been talking about change without actually mustering the commitment to implement it. Once you’re aware of those areas, hone in on the one area of your life you’d like to feel differently about. It’s very important to focus on one at a time. Make it clear in your mind. Keep it simple. That’s how you’ll succeed.

Now, it’s time to identify the actionable steps you need to take – and consider what you might do to increase the probability that you’ll take these actions. I find it’s often the little things that make the biggest difference. For example, if you want to get along better with your spouse, sometimes all it takes is a daily acknowledgement with a smile or a note. Ask yourself what you can do to make an impact without saying anything. Pick one or two of those action items and see what kind of difference it makes.

3. Recognition

If you’ve tried to implement change before, you know the battle id only halfway over once you’ve made the commitment. The next challenge is to stick to it – to stay in action.

Journaling has always been a big deal to me, and recently, I’ve been using my daily writing practice to focus on this shift from opinion to example. For example, if I feel like I’ve fallen short or missed the mark, I’ll reflect with the written word. It helps me take a few minutes to figure out where things may have gone wrong.

The Bottomline

I’m encouraging you to shift from leading by example instead of opinion – to switch out talk for action. Can you do more to become the change you wish to see in the world? Can you offer less opinion and, instead, start to show up as your own greatest example?

What are you willing to change today?

Share With Us!

How often do you reflect on your ability to lead by example? What actions steps can you implement today?

Share with us! We would love to know!

Your story is so important.

Want More?

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