October 6

The Secret To Creating Meaningful Content People Can Believe In


Not sure how to make your voice heard in today’s highly contentious digital spaces? Here’s my secret to creating meaningful content people can believe in.

These days, social media can feel like a virtual war zone. There’s always an opposing side ready to attack, and there are more people aiming to hurt than working to heal.

It may make you want to run and hide – or worse – you may be goaded into joining the fight, leaving you with your own virtual war stories to tell at the end of the day.

So what can we do in a virtual world like today’s?

How can we push forward in making our voices heard when there’s so much to fear and anger in the online space?

If you know me well, you know my answer is: It all starts with your relationship with yourself. As long as you are in a genuine space of clarity and kindness, your audience will feel that – and it will disarm those who aim to harm.

So let’s take a look at my 3 Best Tips For Creating Meaningful Content People Can Believe In.

My Golden Rules of Creating Meaningful Content in 2020

1. Please don’t stop creating. DO NOT stop making your voice heard. I know it’s scary, but that’s also why our voices are more important than ever before. So please don’t shut down.

2. We all need to create with greater kindness, inclusiveness and understanding. But if you’ve found your way to this safe corner of the digital world, then I bet that’s not an issue for you. That being said, spend an extra minute or two proofing your content for kindness. More kindness can never hurt.

3. If you don’t know, just say you don’t know! If there’s something you don’t understand about another’s experience or beliefs, just say it out loud. You’ll be surprised how easily this can disarm someone. Instead of fighting back, ask people questions in a way that creates open, safe dialogue. Don’t pretend you have all the answers if you’re struggling to understand another’s perspective. Instead, make the effort to understand. No one will hold it against you if your effort is genuine.

How To Create Meaningful Content People Can Believe In

Now that we have those three vital rules in place, let’s talk about my three secrets to creating meaningful content people can believe in – even during times of pain and struggle.

1. Don’t shy away from the personal.
The biggest mistake I see people make when crafting their messages is skipping over their personal experience! Yes, online conversations are more saturated in personal opinions than ever. But people are sharing their opinions, often in harmful ways, without ever sharing the personal experiences that drive those opinions! There’s no “why” – just “what” and “who.” That’s why I think we need to shift back to sharing our experiences, rather than telling others how to feel without any real conversation about why they feel that way.

In fact, I believe so whole-heartedly in personal experience that I believe it’s the secret ingredient of any message. Your personal experiences – your relationships, your challenges, your failures and victories, your work history, your education, your natural talents, the way you see the world – this is what makes you the expert. Those moments are what brought you here and gave you something to say in the first place. Yet it’s the part most people discount and exclude.

By infusing your message with your heart and soul, you’re making it 100% absolutely unique. NO ONE else in this world can have your perfect blend of personal experiences, and that’s exactly why we should be sharing them. The more openness and vulnerability we put out into the world, the more we’re able to connect instead of oppose.

That, my friends, is the magic of our secret ingredient. By sharing your personal experiences, you give others a chance to see themselves in your journey.

2. Follow your gut and get real.
In the beginning stages of my speaking business, I struggled with creating a message that was both clear and relatable. I worked with coach after coach, tried online training programs and brainstormed enough content to fill a website – but something in my messaging was still missing.

Then, one day, I realized it was me. I started off with this mission to share my heart with the world, and somewhere along the way, I let others influence what I had to say. So I set everyone else’s opinions aside, and I really thought about it. What message would make me see a new side to an old argument? What kind of message would make me want to be a positive force for good in this world? Easy: a true one. A vulnerable one. A story that inspired me to dream bigger and do better.

So I decided to get real. I took the most painful moment of my life and just started talking about it. I didn’t hold back. I bared my soul in sometimes challenging and exhausting ways – but it worked. Because at the end of the day, I was simply connecting with people in a real, raw way. And that’s more powerful than any disagreement.

3. Ask powerful questions.
Most people, especially today, are obsessed with finding answers. They hold onto the things they know and fight ruthlessly for the things they already believe to be true.

But I’ve always been more attracted to finding the right questions. In my experience, asking yourself – or another person – the right question can be so much more powerful than even finding the right answer. Why? Because it’s the process of arriving at your right answer that changes you – not the answer itself. Plus, the more I search for questions, the more I learn and expand. Yet the more I search for answers, the more narrow and restricted my worldview becomes.

The key to getting to the very core of your most powerful message is to ask the right questions. It’s already in there, waiting to be shared, and through the process of journaling, brainstorming or simply having conversations with others, you’ll find it: The right question that gives everyone an answer they can believe in.

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Share with us! We would love to know!

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Want More?

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