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How To Ask For What You Deserve In 2020


Don’t know how to ask for what you want in 2020? Here are four easy steps to stop under-asking and start getting what you deserve. 

One of the most powerful statements ever made to me came from one of my mentors, author and speaker Kevin Kitrell Ross. He said: “It’s time for you to stop complaining about not having the money. You under-have because you under-ask.” 

If you’re not making the kind of money you want and deserve, then it’s time to take a look at how much you’re actually asking for. 

Maybe, for example, you know you should be charging more, but you don’t want to ruffle any feathers. Deep down, you know it’s time to ask for the level of compensation you truly deserve, but when it comes time to have that difficult conversation, you let something stop you. 

Now, in this new decade, is the time to finally stop letting fear be the driver when it comes to what you’re willing to ask for. 

Let 2020 be the year when you finally ask for what you deserve. 

Recently on the blog, we talked about ways to hear your inner voice, learn to forgive, and as a result, truly let go of what does not serve you. We discussed tools and mindset shifts to help you release the hurt that weighed you down in 2019. 

Now, as we step forward into 2020, it’s time to replace those negative patterns with something positive. It’s time to learn how to ask for what you deserve. 

So here are four great ways to gauge if you’re overproducing and undervaluing yourself — and then ask the hardest question. 

How To Ask For What You Deserve In 2020

1. Get clear on your value.

One of the most difficult parts about asking for what you deserve is recognizing where you’re undervaluing yourself. Sometimes it can be really hard to see yourself, and your value, clearly. That’s why it’s important to stop and take stock every once in a while. And a new year is a wonderful time to do that. 

Take stock of the different areas of your life and business. Look at each relationship, product or service and look for hints that you’re undervaluing your contribution. 

For example, if you notice resentment in a relationship, whether personal or professional, that’s a sign that you’re not getting enough. Likewise, if a relationship, agreement or pricing structure feels very safe to you, that’s also a sign that you may not being reaching high enough. 

You see, we’re always growing and expanding our skill sets, experience and knowledge. If you set your pricing at a number that feels overly safe now, you’re likely to outgrow that price quickly. Conversely, if you go for a price that feels just a little bit like a reach, you’re more likely to grow into that next-level pricing. Everyone wins. 

2. Understand your place in the market.

Now that you’ve identified the areas of your life or business where you’re under-asking, the next step is to get a lay of the land. You don’t want to jump right into a new level of pricing simply because you’ve identified a lack of compensation. That can lead to decisions that are just emotional as your previous fear-based ones. 

It’s time to do your research. You don’t want to be charging Tony Robbins prices if you’re not Tony Robbins. Get a deep understanding of the market. Check out your competitors’ pricing. Look online to see what businesses in your industry are charging in other locations. Ask around and speak to people who’ve done what you’re doing. 

Find the average low-end and high-end pricing. Then find your place within it. Consider the advantages you offer over others, as well as your unique gifts. 

3. Determine pricing with results not hours.   

You know where you stand in the market, and you’re ready to ask for what you truly deserve. But how much is that? What is that magic number? 

To determine your value, you first have to identify the proper way to measure it. Generally, entrepreneurs judge pricing based on the number of hours served or the cost of goods; then they mark up accordingly. 

However, that isn’t always the most accurate indicator, and it certainly isn’t the only one. When determining your value, it’s most important to consider the results you deliver to your clients. What impact do you have on the people you serve? What results can you help them achieve that they can’t achieve on their own? 

Your results determine your value — not the hours you spend working on something. How many years of work did it take for you to learn your skill; that’s what’s worth paying for. That’s how you determine where you fall in the market. 

4. Just ask. 

Now, you’ve done your research. There’s no need to doubt your pricing. There’s no justification to hide behind. 

It’s time to just ask. 

Leave your fear and doubt in 2019. Let go of the stories that convince you that you’re not enough. Release the pain and hurt. Forgive yourself for not seeing your value sooner. 

Then step into a place of courage. Trust that you deserve to ask. And then go for it. 

There’s really nothing else to it. 

Remember: If you want more, you have to stop under-asking. 

The Bottomline

If you don’t risk asking for more, then you’re getting what you ask for. 

While I framed this discussion in terms of compensation, there are many areas of business and life where you can under-have and under-ask. You can interchange money for love or fulfillment — any area of your life where you feel a sense of dissatisfaction or lack. It’s all about what you want to create as you move forward into the next decade. 

And your ability to simply ask.

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