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Tune Into Your Inner Voice In 3 Easy Steps


Ready to turn down the volume on fear and tune into your inner voice instead? Get clear on your 2020 goals by listening to your inner wisdom. 

As we wrap up 2019, we’re not just looking ahead at the start of a new year — we’re looking ahead at the start of a new decade. 

Year-end planning can be intimidating enough, but when you’re on the edge of a decade, well, that kind of clarity and goal-setting can feel even more overwhelming than normal. 

So the last thing we want to do is let fear take the wheel. When it comes to 2020 goal-setting, the question of the hour is: 

How do you conquer the fear of making the wrong choices, so you can step into a place of courageous clarity and make the right choices?

How do you navigate the fears of dreaming too big, so you can find the goals that are just right?

I’ve spent years figuring out how to give myself permission to dream without limits. Here are a few nuggets of wisdom I’ve found along the way. 

Why Your Goals Aren’t Working

When it comes time to brainstorm your biggest goals, dreams and desires for the future, typically, the first thing you do is ask yourself what you want. 

And then, almost without fail, we immediately talk ourselves out of it. 

Whether you want to start your own business or move to Italy, your internal conversation will almost always turn to: 

  • That’s crazy – and totally impractical! 
  • You don’t have the money. 
  • That could put your financial security at risk. 
  • You’re too old. Your time has come and gone.
  • You’re too inexperienced.
  • No one cares what you have to say.
  • Who do you think you are?!

In a single moment, we shut ourselves down from the things that would make our lives worth living. We take away the experiences and achievements that would be the most meaningful. 

We reject our own creative ideas and desires before we even give our dreams a chance to really be explored. 

Sometimes we lose more to indecision than we do to the wrong decisions. 

That’s why it’s so important that we develop our abilities to hear our inner voice without inhibition, self-doubt or criticism. 

Otherwise, we’ll never listen to our deepest dreams — and we’ll never figure out how to move forward with them. 

Because it is possible to realize your wildest dreams. 

But first, we have to learn to stop shutting them down. 

So let’s dive into some inner voice work. 

What’s Inner Voice? 

Your inner voice is that thought pattern that urges you to follow your own gut — rather than listening to the world around you. 

It’s the thoughts and ideas that pop into our minds to guide us toward joy, growth, healing, peace and expansion. It’s the gut feeling we’ve completely taught ourselves to ignore. 

It encourages us to find and share the contributions that only we have for this world. 

And it’s there for a reason. It’s meant to guide us and give shape to our lives, even if the path seems impractical to our conscious minds, fears and peers. 

What would happen — what could change — if we let our inner voice lead instead of our fears and other people’s opinions? How much more joy and purpose could we bring into our lives? 

Why Should I Trust My Inner Voice? 

Well, for me, it changed everything. Tuning into and following my inner voice was an ultimate game-changer. I struggled with this for a long time, until about three years ago, when I dedicated myself to this exact challenge. 

Everything I feared, everything that kept me from moving forward, I now teach to others to help them experience this next-level kind of joy and freedom. 

The self-doubt, the anxiety, the internal conflict — it all became quiet when I committed myself to following my inner voice. 

And my life became exceedingly simple and prolific at the same time. 

My creativity went from 0 to 1 billion. I was flooded with ideas to change the world, and I could see clearly how best to go about it. 

Today, I have so many ideas and messages that now it’s about determining what aligns best with my mission and feeds the vision of the life I want to create. 

And that’s what I want for you

How Do I Hear My Inner Voice? 

So how do you tune into your inner voice, when fear and the world around you are so loud?

Well, it takes time, effort and trust. But once you give it a try, that little voice inside you will become stronger and louder with each day. So let’s dive in. 

3 Ways To Tune Into Your Inner Voice 

  1. Get Active. 

Whether it’s taking the stairs instead of the elevator or scheduling regular short walks to break up the day, moving your body is one of the quickest ways to silence critics and tune into the truth inside you. 

It doesn’t even have to be exercise. For me, sometimes it’s just picking up a paintbrush and feeling the mind-body connection between my mind’s eye and my hand as I bring my creative vision to life.

Even doodling can lead to an absent-minded drawing of my innermost desires. Sometimes words will even spontaneously appear on the page, helping me clarify the messages of my inner voice and really get clear on what my gut intuition is telling me. 

It’s amazing to me the way actively doing something to feed the energy in my body makes my inner voice jump forward and speak out. I encourage you to try it anytime you’re feeling disconnected from your inner guide. 

  1. Write.

Writing drastically changed the way I tune into myself and get clear my inner message on a daily basis. 

You see, listening to your inner voice isn’t just something you do when you want answers. It’s something you do regularly and with dedication, so your inner wisdom can show you the answers when you need them. 

It’s not a “set it and forget it” type of practice. To really receive the guidance you need to reach your dreams, you have to be listening when you don’t want to hear the truth, too. 

That’s why regular writing helps keep that line of communication open. It’s a flowing channel between you and your deep wisdom. So check your messages regularly!

I did this by dedicating myself to morning pages. Every morning, I would let all my dreams, every possibility I wanted for myself, flow from my mind to my hand to the page. It was no longer stuck inside of me, and I could see it on the page, outside of me, and reflect on it in an objective way. For a step-by-step guide to my morning pages practice, check out this blog

  1. Replace Fear With Curiosity.

Once I got into the regular practice of tuning into my inner voice, I faced the secondary challenge of figuring out how to trust and follow it’s guidance. And that had everything to do with fear. 

So I decided, in order to follow to my inner voice, I would kick fear out of the driver’s seat and replace it with childlike curiosity

I learned to approach things that felt scary as something to be curious about instead. I asked questions instead of making assumptions. I approached new topics from a place of: “I don’t know enough about this, and I just want to know more.” I refused to be embarrassed about what I didn’t know and became curious about everything

My internal landscape became so much quieter, calm and peaceful in the face of fear — it was amazing what I could hear come forth from my inner creativity. 

The Bottomline 

If you’re struggling with the idea of starting a new decade without the kind of guidance you need to succeed, then spend the next 30 days practicing these 3 tips. Really dedicate yourself to tapping into your own inner voice, and surrender to trusting it. 

At the end of those 30 days, ask yourself if you’re living a more expressive, joyful and fulfilling life. If the answer is yes, then keep going. Let that voice guide you through the next decade — and see just how much your world changes for the better.

Share With Us!

How do you tune into your inner voice? What daily practices have you developed to help you quiet your mind and find your inner guidance? 

Share with us! We would love to know!

Your story is so important. 

Want More?

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