September 2

The First Step To Success In Life & Business



Sometimes the first step in life and business is to stop and take a look around. Are you living in an enriched environment? 


When I look back on my healing journey, I now see that many things I did intuitively were actually tapping into proven tools, techniques and strategies. And by making these changes, I changed my life as a whole. 


My hope is, by sharing them with you, you can begin to make positive change with clarity and intention in your own life.


And one of the first things I did on my healing journey — even if I was unaware at the time — was rapidly and drastically change my environment. 


I cut out the relationships that weren’t supportive or conducive to my healing. I distanced myself from any negative voices in my network. I removed myself from a community that wouldn’t allow me to grow without criticism and contempt. I chose to move to a place where I had a more supportive community. 


I didn’t want to stay where I was because it was no longer the enriching, supportive environment I needed to grow. So I created a new environment that was conducive. 


And that was the beginning of some life-changing work. So let’s dive in. 


The Problem Is Not You


From the toughest moments to the daily stressors, I used to think the problem was me. I just didn’t have enough willpower or strength or money or time or beauty. The list would go on. I continuously returned to the idea that I was the thing standing between where I was and where I wanted to be. 


While I’ve worked to change this idea over time, it helps to understand what actually gets in the way of our success. What really blocks us from accomplishing our goals and creating the life we imagine? 


New research shows that when our willpower fails, it’s more often than not because of our environmental distractions, according to “Willpower Doesn’t Work” by Benjamin Hardy. Put simply, the very real impact of environmental influences on our psyche can affect our ability to make changes and achieve our goals. 


So if you’re struggling to make that transition from dreams to reality, then your environment may not be optimized for growth and positive, transformation and success. You’re not immersing yourself into an enriched environment — but rather trying to get by in a compromised one. 


Why Environment Matters 


In the classic debate between nature and nurture, both are at play. Environment, however weighs heavily on our choices because of the influence it has on our subconscious minds. 


When you whittle down or eliminate the influence your environment has on your subconscious mind, it makes it easier for your conscious mind — your willpower and intention — to predict and obtain results. Put simply, the fewer choices you have to make, the more you can focus on the ones at hand. Too many choices is the enemy of growth. 


That’s why your environment matters at least as much as your willpower and desire for growth. 


What’s An Enriched Environment?


An enriched environment is one that has been consciously and intentionally created to support your ability to focus on growth or achievement.


It includes the people, distractions, screens, sights, smells and sounds that surround you — as well as anything that has the potential to draw your attention toward or away from your goals. 


Understanding Your Current Environment 


So how do you determine if your current work and family environments are enriching or distracting? 


If you have an underlying tension about getting things done, then there’s a high likelihood that something in your environment is distracting you on a subconscious level. Likewise, if a constant state of pain or numbness seems to follow you around, something in your environment may be preventing you from feeling safe and present enough to access deep healing. 


Put simply, it’s likely and common for most people to have a high level of distraction in their environments — even if they’re unaware of it. And just a minor distraction can take us off course, even if it’s only by 2 degrees. 


If you feel like you have to will yourself to succeed, then there might be something in your environment that needs your attention. 


Share With Us!


What’s your current work environment like? What elements are enriching? How could you minimize distraction?


Share with us! We would love to know!


Your story is so important. 


Want More?


If you’re looking for guided, step-by-step help to put these exact strategies into practice, check out my Global MEDIA Membership. It has all the in-depth knowledge and step-by-step instruction you need to get from basic blogger to global media mogul. In fact, I believe in it so much that we’ll walk you through this formula for a $1 trial.



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