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My Favorite Reads To Embrace An Abundance Mindset


Looking for a little abundance mindset inspiration? Start with my powerful prosperity reading list, and watch how the wealth trickles in.

Back in the 70s, author Catherine Ponder wrote a series of books called “Millionaires of The Bible” that reflected upon the great men and women from The Bible — and how they accumulated their generous wealth.  

Rather than looking at modern-day examples of abundance and wealth, Ponder goes back to the earliest stories of prosperity mindset, and the most holy.

I particularly like this approach because it confronts head-on an old misgiving of abundance — that money is the root of all evil, or your can’t be rich and be good. If we can accept that the people of The Bible deserve their wealth, then we are more likely to accept that we are worth of it, as well.

The “Millionaires of The Bible” series gives us the holiest of examples to follow and brings back the oldest and truest prosperity teachings.

If you’re looking for a good book to bring you bank into flow with abundance, or learn the foundational principles of prosperity mindset, then I recommend you start here.

My Abundance Mindset Reading List

Books by Catherine Ponder

1. The Millionaire Moses

This book in the Ponder series focuses on a powerful notion of prosperity mindset: that a lifetime of riches is our heritage and our birthright. We all deserve the abundance of the universe — and everything it can bring to our lives. But in order to access it, we have to believe it first. If your bad money beliefs revolve around a lack of deserve, start here. You can’t go wrong with The Millionaire Moses. Plus, just by reading this book, you’re likely to elevate your consciousness into a higher vibration and feels the effects of prosperity mindset begin to take place.

2. The Millionaire Joshua

If you’re starting with very little — but planning on making it really big — then start with The Millionaire Joshua, who went from salve to millionaire with lots of powerful lessons to share. Joshua focuses on the power of thought, as it relates to abundance. If you have trouble shifting from negative to positive thought patterns, Ponder can teach you the way to a better life through Joshua’s journey to do so himself. Take a page from Joshua’s success secrets to open yourself up to the vast goodness that awaits your life.  

3. The Millionaire From Nazareth

The Millionaire From Nazareth helps you get out of your head and into your heart when it comes to abundance mindset. It contains new material than other books in Ponder’s repertoire, which makes it worth its own read, for sure. Plus it takes a more practical approach, by teaching readers how to put Ponder’s prosperity principles in practice. You’ll get some incredible affirmations out of this one, as well as relaxation techniques, that can help propel you instantly into a state of abundant, prosperous flow.

4. The Millionaires of Genesis

This book in the series really drives prosperity mindset home by sharing all different stories about the names you recognize from The Bible. If you’ve ever struggled with the limiting belief that money is the root of evil — or that you can’t be wealthy and good at the same time — this book has so many examples of generous wealth that you’ll have to change your mind. You can really see how far and wide the principles of prosperity reach in The Millionaires of Genesis.

5. The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

Catherine Ponder conceived the principles of this book during a time of severe economic recession. Wondering how she could help people recover their lost wealth and provide for their families, Ponder dove deep into the laws of prosperity. This book encapsulates the foundational knowledge of abundance in a loving, gentle read that’s sure to propel you into true abundance mindset.

What Next?

After all that information about money and abundance, you’re probably wondering where to start. So start by laying your foundation. For now, simply focus on abundant thoughts. Take note of where your thoughts quickly become scarce or greedy. Reflect on why and how you came to those beliefs. And if all else fails, just remind yourself that the universe is an abundant place — if you just let it be.

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