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5 Indicators Of Scarcity Mindset + 5 High-vibe Abundance Affirmations


Stuck in a limiting scarcity mindset? Identify the thoughts that are holding you back, and replace them with these high-vibe abundance affirmations.

Abundance starts simply — with the power of your thoughts.

You propensity for abundance is determined by the quality of your thinking and self-talk. So it makes sense to focus on the alignment of your thoughts with your goals, if you want to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

To do that, you want to identify the types of thinking that keep you stuck in a scarcity mindset. Then focus on reversing them with some high-vibrational abundance affirmations.

Practice these abundance affirmations daily, and discover your own, and you’ll notice a difference in the world around you.

5 Thoughts That Keep You Stuck In Scarcity Mindset

1. Abundance is all about the money.

Abundance is not about the money. Thinking about abundance only in terms of how much money it can bring you is exactly where most people go wrong. Why? They’re missing the whole point.

In fact, true abundance affects so much more than your money that a money-only mindset will take you out of the flow of abundance. Because you can’t be in the flow of abundance and think like a Scrooge at the same time. It’s one or the other, my friend.

2. I have to hold onto my money because there’s never enough.

Money is an energy. Just like every thing and person in this world is made up of energy, so is money. And from my experience, money is not a stagnant energy. In fact, it loves creativity and motion. It yearns to flow from one purpose to the next, sharing the wealth to let everyone know there’s enough to go around. However, most people don’t see this and, instead, fall into the habit of protecting their money — either by holding onto it, expecting it to leave or never trusting it to come in the first place.

But here’s the thing: The more you put money in flow, the more it flows back to you. So trust the natural flow and motion of money, and the flow will only become more abundant.

3. My options are limited.

Sometimes, we look at our bank accounts, and the money coming in isn’t enough for the money that’s about to go out. I’ve been there, I get that it can be scary. But the solution isn’t to trust the fear. The answer is to trust the universe. Trust that the money will come in simply because you believe it. And then put in the hard work to make it happen.

I even like to play a little game. I tell my accounts, “Ok, it will be interesting to see how the money comes in this time. It’s going to be fun to watch it work out.” The trick is to find ease in the flow.

4. That’ll never happen for someone like me.

Have you ever turned down an opportunity — or avoided applying for one in the first place? Maybe you worked up the courage to take on some great opportunities — and things are going well — but all you can think about is when the other shoe is going to drop. There’s a gap between what you want and what you think you deserve. And it’s getting in your way of accomplishing your dreams.

These are all signs of scarcity mindset, specifically the “I’m not good enough” kind. So if you’re going to open yourself up to abundance, first you have to believe you’re worthy of it. Self-worth is the heart of abundance.

5. Life is hard, and the world is against me.

Abundance starts as a thought — that is its very foundation. So if you think life is hard and everyone’s out to get you, then life will be hard. The world will seem unfair or like the deck is stacked against you. To change that experience, the first step is to believe it’s possible to live a different experience.

In thought form, abundance can look like a blindly positive mindset. It’s looking at your half-empty kitchen and seeing a fun, creative challenge instead of impending doom. It’s telling yourself, day in and day out, that you are going to make it. It’s picturing the riches and trusting them to come until they begin to materialize.

Abundance is a way of thinking until it becomes a way of believing. And once you begin to claim that thought as your own, the change will materialize right in front of you. Just when you least expect it, it shows up as tangible proof that your thoughts can, in fact, create your reality.

So begin attracting abundance by thinking that you can. Start there, and see where it takes you.

5 High-vibe Affirmations To Help You Flow With Abundance

1. My thoughts, intentions and behaviors are prosperous; therefore, my outcomes are prosperous — in all aspects of life.

Understanding exactly what abundance means is critical to staying in flow with its powerful energy. True abundance mindset means giving and receiving a wealth of joy, love, creativity, compassion, fulfillment, self-love, etc. And the process of abundance flows from thoughts to actions to behaviors — until it becomes a natural way of being and showing up in the world.  

Understanding what abundance can bring to your life, and how to access its flow, is the first step to prosperity. Next, simply focus on the thoughts. You have to internalize them as your own in order for them to make a difference in your life.

2. I live in constant flow with abundance, and in balance between giving and receiving.

Business can feel like a roller coaster ride, especially when you’re an entrepreneur. The trick is not to resist the roller coaster but to flow with it. That might sound like it’s easier said than done. But it’s really just about becoming comfortable with a little discomfort. There will be ups and downs in business — and in life. If you accept the ride, you might be able to relax into a little bit more.

As you do that, you’ll be more relaxed when it comes to giving, since you’ll trust the receiving end is come your way.

3. The universe holds endless possibility for me, and it’s waiting for me to reach out and choose one.

One of my favorite responses to the fear of a scarcity mindset is creativity. Abundance loves creativity — making it an easy way to bring more into your life when scarcity strikes. Creativity opens up possibilities because it inspires you to search for ones you didn’t see before. If you trust that there’s always possibilities out there, then you always think of something. And you can find both safety and freedom in that.

4. I have the power to attract as much ________ as I desire, and accessing it is easy.

The beautiful thing about abundance is that it’s an energy that can attract anything you desire into your life — whether that’s love, success, good health, growth or generosity. And here’s a little secret of mine: believing it’s easy to access makes the whole process happen a lot faster.

When it comes to money, my guess is you’re not living like a Scrooge because you want to be. In fact, you may feel like you have to be a penny-pincher who’s protective over every expenditure just to get from one pay period to the next. When our abundance is blocked, it’s usually because we don’t know any better — not because we’re trying to be miserly or cold. So try letting go of the struggle and, instead, stepping into a space of ease and trust.

5. The universe is conspiring in my favor, even when I face moments of difficulty.

After practicing these affirmations daily, and seeing their power show up in your life, you’ll get to a point where you believe the universe could be conspiring in your favor. But when things get hard, that belief is tested. In these moments, it’s easy to give up on the mindset stuff and switch back to old hustle patterns and pessimistic world views. The hard part — and the part that really counts — is when you believe in yourself and the support of the universe anyway. That’s where the real magic lies. That’s when abundance becomes a way of life instead of an on-again, off-again habit.

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