April 21

These SEO Strategies Will Take You From Thousands To Millions Of Viewers


The power of effective SEO strategies can no longer be ignored — especially if you’re trying to attract and grow an audience of raving fans who genuinely support you.

Before we can talk about SEO strategies, we have to first clear up the question I know most of you are asking: What is SEO really?
SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice of making all your digital and online content searchable. It’s a strategy that uses keywords to speak Google’s language. That way, when people search for your services online, Google shows them your website — instead of your competition’s.

This is a highly valuable strategy, especially as we look more and more toward Google to vet our products and services before purchasing. SEO businesses all over the globe tend to be thriving at the moment, and while starting a successful business of your own is never an easy task, there are plenty of helpful Ideas for starting your own SEO business at home that are undoubtedly worth exploring and could turn out to be very profitable

So let’s dive into some of the best SEO strategies available, and get your business the attention it deserves.

How Do SEO Strategies Work?

SEO strategies help you become more easily searchable online, right? That means, when people go searching for something related to you or your services, Google will choose to push your content higher on the list of search results. That means Google is showing your website to searchers more often than others. It’s suggesting your content as a respectable, reliable source of information. If you’re a company looking to outsource your SEO work, SEO white label may be beneficial to your business.

That’s awesome. But how do you get Google’s attention in the first place? A complex set of strategies affect the search engine ranking of your website, web pages and blog posts. Based on how well your SEO strategies work, Google decides to rank your website higher or lower on the list of search results.

Different strategies work better for different industries. In the realm of law, Juris digital offers law firm seo services.

Those strategies can include:

  • The security, accessibility and speed of your website
  • Mobile friendliness of your website
  • Domain authority, age and URL
  • Optimized verbiage on your website pages
  • Keywording and other technical SEO skills
  • Links and backlinks

The Results of Effective SEO

Now, let’s talk about the results of effective SEO strategies — and how far they can take you. The benefits of an SEO-based media strategy are many, so let’s break it down.

1. Awareness

The first, and most obvious, benefit of appearing in more search results. Every time you pop up, you have another chance to make an impression on a digital prospect. The more you appear, the more impressions you make. For this reason, SEO is an extremely powerful tool when your end goal is to create brand awareness. As this world only gets more digital, it’s imperative to create brand awareness in the online space if you want you business to make a global impact — or even survive.

2. Traffic

Once you’ve attracted those additional eyes and leads, a percentage of those users will actually click on your website. That is how you generate steady, organic web traffic. As you climb in search rankings, and build your brand’s digital awareness, you will be increasing your audience. Make sure you capitalize on that increased audience by directing that new traffic to your website.

From there, make sure your call to action is clear. What do you want new leads to do once they land on your website? Are you trying to build your list? Do you want them to subscribe to your blog? Or maybe you want to send them down your funnel by capturing their attention with an awesome lead magnet. Decide what you need your new leads to do, and then set up your website to create that kind of activity. That way you’re leveraging your new traffic to support your business goals.

3. Authority

This is one of the most beautiful benefits of an SEO strategy that works. Think about it. Whenever you run into a problem you can’t solve on your own, you ask Google, right? More than that, you automatically trust the top results Google gives you because, well, Google gave them to you. Having the world’s most powerful algorithm behind you is no small matter. It gives you an immense amount of digital authority.

Authority is not an easy thing to develop organically, either. It takes high-quality content, spot-on SEO, and some hustle. Otherwise, you’re just sending your content out into the digital world with no direction and no built-in viewership.

Another benefit of digital authority? It multiplies. Once you start to become recognized as the digital authority on your subject, other websites, organizations and media outlets will start referencing you, providing those valuable backlinks that only drive your SEO power higher.

4. Media Opportunities

So now, you have brand awareness, steady website traffic and digital authority as the expert in your field. At this point, you’re bound to start getting some media opportunities. Even if you’re still actively soliciting media opportunities, you are much more likely to land them when you have the three things mentioned above. In effect, you now have digital street cred as the go-to person in your specialty. That’s exactly the type of person media outlets search for when looking for an expert or commentator.

Having a robust digital resume will not only help you get the media opportunities you seek, but it may even bring you opportunities you didn’t see coming — all because your content is excellent and getting recognized through real, organic traffic.

5. Media Leverage

Now, once you’ve started attracting some media attention, the next best step is to make sure you’re leveraging those media opportunities through proper SEO. Why? The better you leverage them, the more your past media appearances will attract new ones. Starting to see the big picture? The power of effective SEO strategies is exponential. The more you attract, the more you get, creating that viral effect that makes it seem like your business everywhere all at once.

The first way to leverage those media appearances is to properly keyword your content phrases like “As Seen On Fox, CBS, ABC…” and properly link/embed the content into your website. Every time you earn some media credibility, loop it back into your content so it’s constantly becoming more powerful.

If you really want to take it to the next level, start sending out press releases with the keywords, links and backlinks you need. Those releases can be highly searchable as well, so it’s increasing your overall SEO power while simultaneously alerting media in a sophisticated way.

6. Analytics

One of the great things about an SEO strategy is it’s totally based in analytics and completely measurable. Actually, a solid SEO plan requires excellent analytics and tracking for it to work properly. You’ll want to track the success of your keywords, and see how people are responding to them. Are your current set of keywords attracting your target demographic, or are they missing the mark? If you’re not seeing the results you want, you may need to revisit your original list of keywords.

While employing SEO strategies will naturally make you pay closer attention to analytics, it also gives you a wider net of measurements to track. You can see how each keyword is doing, where it’s sending people, and what they’re clicking on. Tracking that process alone will give you incredible insight into your customer’s buyer journey, and if you use that information to your advantage, you may get to know your audience on a deeper level.

7. ROI

When you consider the added benefit of all these positive effects, you can pretty much count on a higher ROI than traditional forms of advertising — probably because this isn’t really advertising. Think about it. You’re providing valuable information that’s keyworded to reach the people who actually need it. Once they’ve found you, you know their needs well enough to provide them the right product/service at the right time. It has much less of an advertising feeling to it; in fact, it feels a lot more like helping people find what they need than selling to them. And that paradigm shift can be worth all the effort alone.

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