March 18

The Global CEO’s Growth Checklist


Ready to go from local to global? Here’s a Global CEO’s Growth Checklist to get you there. Simply follow the steps — from content creation to becoming a household name.

When I first set out with a message and a mission, I wanted to change the world. But I soon became overwhelmed by obstacles, conflicting information and, quite frankly, scams. Before I knew it, what started as a beautiful journey quickly devolved into a path of confusion, loss and stagnation.

I was so frustrated. It seemed like I was doing everything right, and I had it all: a blog, social media posts, an email newsletter, and a (DIY) website. I was creating content left and right, desperately trying to keep up with the hamster wheel. I read all the latest literature and checked all the marketing boxes.

And you know what? I got nowhere.

That’s when I decided the road most traveled just wasn’t working — for me, my business or my massive, global dreams. Just like that, I abandoned the conventional wisdom of the digital marketing world, and instead, I went in search of a new, more efficient path.

And I came up with media gold.

A Growth Checklist For The GLOBAL CEO

You see, I had to reframe the way I was thinking about the whole picture. I had to shift from a small-business mindset to a global perspective. Because that was my dream. And if I wanted to grow that much, then I knew I had to think bigger than the conventional wisdom.

I know you have big dreams, too — not just for you but for the world — and I want you to have them. That’s why I’m sharing the most transformative mindset shifts I experienced on my way to building a global media company.

In the examples below, I explain how to shift from a leader who thinks conventionally → globally.

1. Creates Regular Content → Distributes Content Globally

One of the most profound mindset switches occurred when I realized I could be in charge of how my content was distributed, published and promoted. I could produce my own media (i.e. web shows, podcasts, etc.) and get into homes without the help of a network (i.e. Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Alexa, etc.).

And that was it — the missing key. Just like that, I broke through my ceiling and began reaching millions.

So how do you move from content creation to wide-scale distribution? It’s not as hard as it seems, as long as you have the right roadmap. Here are a few steps I used to move from creation to distribution.  

  1. Writes weekly blog → Hosts profitable show, podcast or vlog
  2. Uses graphics → Designs original graphic content
  3. Posts regular content → Builds an organized, searchable database
  4. Relies on conventional distribution channels → Creates own distribution channels

2. Sends Regular Email Blasts → Executes A Multi-platform Content Strategy

If you’re producing regular content, you’re probably following up by simply posting on social media and sending an email blast. Hey, I get it. The digital world is a busy one. That’s exactly why you want to be intentional about how you spend your marketing time and resources. If you come from a place of intention — with regular analytics check-ups — then you can’t go wrong.

  1. Sends regular email newsletter → Distributes content among various platforms
  2. Uses email, social media and blogging → Follows detailed, written content strategy
  3. Conservative ad spending → Aggressive ad spending
  4. Checks analytics → Monitors and responds to analytics constantly

3. Gets Social Followers → Engages A Massive Audience

The biggest difference with this particular mindset shift can be achieved by just remembering you’re working with people — not Likes and Follows. You need to have a cohesive, steady message that genuinely connects with people if you want to engage them. The goal should be to start a community and a conversation, not collect list contacts.

  1. Posts regularly on social media → Posts content with a steady, cohesive message
  2. Posts content that converts → Posts content that deeply connects with people
  3. Collects followers over time → Attracts a following at an exponential pace
  4. Builds and audience → Distributes content to millions weekly

4. Capitalizes On Personal Talents → Hires Talent

Once you’re foundation is settled, and you’re thinking like a global leader from the bottom up, you’ll likely start experiencing rapid growth. This is not the time to pump the brakes or rely on yourself. This is the time to hire talent you can count on. Why? Because that’s what a global leader does. Still nervous? Check out these powerful mindset shifts.

  1. Works as a solopreneur → Builds and leads own team
  2. Relies on self → Relies on a team of specialists
  3. Works where inspired → Builds inspirational workspace
  4. Sells oneself → Hires sales team or sponsors brand ambassadors

5. Networks → Designs Media Circuit

Once you’ve laid the foundation, hired a talented team and started experiencing rapid growth, it’s time to make this global system run like a machine. At this point, you should be leading from a big-picture perspective and spending less time in the day-to-day than ever before. You’ll need to free up your time to design a media circuit that shares your message with the world.

  1. Works as own boss → Owns multi-platform media outlet
  2. Speaks at events → Appears at international, paid events
  3. Participates in occasional workshop or webinar → Hosts multi-day events
  4. Gets interviewed → Organizes multi-platform media circuit

6. Closes Deals → Nurtures Multiple Revenue Streams

In your final mindset shift, you want to consider ways to recreate this process again and again. By now, you’ve successfully developed a cohesive message, multiple platforms and the millions of fans you’ve always wanted. It’s time to monetize your current revenue stream. And as soon as you’re done with that, you gotta do it all over again. When you’re running on a global level, you don’t want all your eggs in one basket. Your final step is to develop multiple viable revenue streams … and keep going.

  1. Drafts proposals and contracts → Tests new revenue channels
  2. Closes deals → Manages multiple revenue streams
  3. Strategizes for steady growth → Creates growth with trusted partners
  4. Has a coaching program → Develops a product suite and membership program

Share With Us!

Where are you in your journey? Which mindset shifts have been the most difficult? Are you stuck somewhere?

Tell us about your global leadership journey by writing a comment down below!

Your story is so important.

Want More?

If you’re looking for guided, step-by-step help to put these exact strategies into practice, check out my Global MEDIA Membership. It has all the in-depth knowledge and step-by-step instruction you need to get from basic blogger to global media mogul.

In fact, I believe in it so much that we’ll walk you through this formula for a $1 trial.


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  1. I’m impressed and I hope this helps someone. I have also want to be blessed to help others and I will be able to utilize my talent and dreams .that I do make a difference I’ve been afraid to afraid to grow . especially living I a suppress ed . negative atmosphere. I hope ii can make a change because I see potential here .it’s ruff being alone and feeling pressured by being here.i want better for my life and I know I can do it. With the right people I can trust

    1. Hi Phillip! Your attitude and mindset are exactly where they should be. Keep going — I know you have what it takes to make a real difference in this world!

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