March 11

How To Think Like A Global CEO


Are you stuck in small business mindset? Here’s how to adopt a global CEO perspective to grow your business.

One day, at a business conference, I was asked a simple question: What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a the CEO of a global company? My answer? Easy.

Don’t believe the hype.

Maybe, like many people, you started a blog, online show or podcast with the belief that it would grow your following and monetize your content — yet it hasn’t quite worked out the way you imagined.

Maybe you feel like you’ve wasted tons of precious, hard-earned cash on content that somehow didn’t produce any revenue back? And you’re still looking for a way to properly monetize that content.

You’re not alone, my friend. If you’re looking to share your message, master your marketing and monetize your content, then you’re in the right place — because I’ve been exactly where you are.

Retrain Your Brain To Think Like A GLOBAL CEO

Today, I am the CEO and founder of Globex Television Network and Global Media Studios, but I wasn’t always at the helm of a global media distribution company. In fact, for years I knew exactly what I wanted to accomplish — but I struggled to put the pieces together to get there.

I started a few years ago, after realizing I had this insight and wisdom I wanted to share with people. So I hired coaches, took online programs, went to seminars, and looked for every strategy and answer I could find … until suddenly, I realized the problem. I was either paying for information and services that disappointed, or I was completely overwhelmed by information I wasn’t ready to put into practice.  

It wasn’t until I really got ahold of the power of media, audience growth and monetization strategies, that I finally reached the breakthrough I knew I deserved. Since then, I’ve built various businesses, become an international speaker, launched my own TV show, hit millions of viewers, and even been recognized by both President Obama and President Trump. So I can confidently say I’ve mastered the foundations of building a global audience, reaching millions through media, events and mentorship programs.

And the truth is, you’re probably here because you’re just like me. You have a big vision, not just for you — but for the world — and you want the path of most efficiency to get there. That’s why I want to help you reach millions with your message.

Small Mindset

When you’re in the middle of a work day, it can be really easy to get caught up in the minutia and lose the big picture. There are social media posts to be written, employees to meet with, and budgets to approve. As a business owner or CEO, there’s barely time to come up for air — nonetheless see the big picture and steadily move toward it.

But that’s the difference between a small mindset and a global one.

So, as the leader, you have to switch your mindset from thinking about the day-to-day to considering the wider vision on a regular basis. Start by scheduling some time daily or weekly to focus on your company’s global strategy. Take a moment to reflect. Are you moving toward your goals? Are you thinking creatively about your marketing? Are you making strides in growing your audience?

Global Perspective

With a global mindset, you want to be focusing on some new goals:

  • Develop the most effective brand message
  • Get your message out on a global level
  • Establish your authority in a niche
  • Attract ideal clients to your brand
  • Rapidly grow your audience
  • Have tools and systems that actually work
  • Multiply your revenue opportunities

Share With Us!

How do you switch from a small mindset to a global perspective?

Tell us which ones you love by writing a comment down below!

Your story is so important.

Want More?

If you’re looking for guided, step-by-step help to put these exact strategies into practice, check out my Global MEDIA Membership. It has all the in-depth knowledge and step-by-step instruction you need to get from basic blogger to global media mogul.

In fact, I believe in it so much that we’ll walk you through this formula for a $1 trial.


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