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5 Must-Have Strategies To Scale From Local To Global


If your small business is dying to grow into a global brand, then it’s time to stop making limiting, predictable decisions that keep you in the slow lane. Here are the 5 MUST-Have strategies your business should have in place before going global.

As an entrepreneur, there’s a steep learning curve that somehow makes you believe, for however long, that you’re small potatoes. You might feel like a fake, or an imposter. Or maybe you’re convinced you’re going to fail. Maybe you’ve been in the business for years, but you still don’t believe it’s possible to make it “big.”

After years of running businesses, I’ll tell you one thing I know to be true: You’re only as small as you think you are.

Small businesses make small choices. They stay predictable, and they typically shy away from cutting-edge marketing strategies and new ideas or technology. Now, that’s great if that’s where you want to remain. There’s nothing wrong with staying small.

If your small business is dying to be big, however, then it’s time to kick the small-time habits and start making decisions like a global brand.

5 Non-negotiable Strategies You MUST Have In Place To Go Global

Now, if you’re hustling to grow from small to global, there are a few basic strategies you must have in place. Skipping out on a documented strategy to fly by the seat of your pants, for example, may have worked for you before. But that’s not how giants like Google and Facebook climb to the top. If you’re ready to break free of small-business habits, then I’ve got a few recommendations just for you.

To lay the foundation of a global business and start growing your brand, the following five strategies should form your foundation:

1. Document Your Content Marketing Strategy.

The days of aimless social media posting and e-newsletters are long gone if you’re in the global game. Think about it: Home builders don’t start construction without a blueprint. Sports teams don’t compete without a playbook. Randomly or aimlessly creating content — just for the sake of creating content — is costing you time and money without promising any legitimate reward. Plus you might be wasting good talent if you’re not sure how to guide it. To go global, it’s time to ditch underperforming content and move forward with intention.

First, you must document your plan in a way that is understandable for you, your team and the future of your company. A well-documented content marketing strategy will help keep your team on the same page, moving in the same direction, toward an intentional result. Your content marketing strategy should include: SMART goals, types of content, publishing frequencies, workflows, analytics, etc.

Once you’ve documented your content marketing strategy, you’ll have a clear path to execute and achieve your global vision.

2. Involve Your Customers In Your Content.

Today’s brands face the challenge of having to constantly fight for audience attention. You’re not competing against just your competition anymore. You’re trying to win the attention of consumers who are being constantly bombarded by marketing, images, advertising, social media — you name it.

Our days are busy, and our attention is limited. This endless and daunting battle for attention has most brands feeling like their messages are being buried under mountains of digital clutter. So the question becomes: How do we capture people’s attention on a global level?

Well, first you need to understand the harsh reality of it all. Your audience doesn’t have the time to read your blogs and watch your videos. They’re too busy hustling, raising families, and chasing their own dreams. The only way to become important enough to deserve your audience’s time in this crazy-busy world is to actually earn it.

Create content that provides legitimate benefits for your audience. Teach them something that they need to know, even though the information isn’t readily available. Give them the answers to a question that’s too complicated to Google. Entertain and inspire them the way no one else can on Facebook. Make them feel something that betters their lives and makes the day a little bit easier to handle. Spread good with your content by thinking about your audience first.

3. Think Like A Network.

It used to be said that content is king. In today’s market, however, content distribution is what determines whether you’ll be noticed or cast aside in the digital world. Creating content is no longer enough. You need to know exactly how to get that content noticed if you want to reach millions. And after years of my own trial and error, followed by numerous case studies, I finally figured out the secret to content distribution that attracts the masses — and the key is to think like those who have that reach already.

Yes, it’s time to start thinking like a television network. The model for content marketing success and massive audience growth lies within the most popular shows. When audiences watch a show they love, they’re completely immersed. They’re really paying attention. And that’s where the opportunity lies. Once you’ve captured them, they begin to see you as the authority in your market. You develop influence as the audience equates trust and credibility with your face. That kind of influence easily leads into audience growth, quality lead generation and increased revenue.

Whether you go after cable, streaming or over-the-top (OTT) distribution channels, I;ve seen the strategy work time after time. In today’s viewing-obsessed world, you have to think like a network to be seen like one. Strive for creative, consistent, formatted shows.

4. Maximize Your Content.

There’s no way around it: Quality content creation requires time, money and valuable resources. While it’s difficult enough to create top-performing content, we often feel rushed or strapped for cash during the process, wasting time and money on content that misses the mark in the end. Or we don’t understand content creation well enough, and we unintentionally create content that’s poor in quality, irrelevant or trivial. The struggle is real, and the setbacks are seemingly endless. Too many of us spend our time creating content that’s just going to wither away and die.

But there’s a better solution. I believe, in a content-first approach, our responsibility as influencers is not to create more content — but to create the minimum amount of content with maximum impact. And the best way do that is through cross-promotional placement. The key to building cross-promotional opportunities is to create consistent, high quality content — not content just for content’s sake. Then recreate, tweak or tailor that content for various media, partners and platforms. That way, you’re getting maximum reach out of every piece of content, and you can spend less time and money on the content hamster wheel.

5. Create A Complete Content Experience.

When it comes to content creation, brands often fail to consider the experience of their audience. Yes, we brainstorm endlessly about the messaging, design, use and goals of our content. You might even have well-documented and researched personas that inform your content creation to reach your target audience. But all that strategizing serves you as the business owner, not necessarily the audience. So let’s dive into user experience.

Brands who prioritize the customer experience make it simple and easy for their audience to find, engage with and share their content across every digital platform and channel. So how do you achieve that in your own business? First, consider the audience on each platform. How is each audience slightly different, and how can you tailor your content to them? Content can be experienced in multiple ways, from written content to infographics and live videos. Decide how your audience would most like to consume their content, and see if you deliver through cross-promotion and repurposing.

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